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L-Arginine Pro Review

Product Overview
This is one of the newest products available in the Male Enhancement category, but it’s certainly getting a lot of attention. 5,000 milligrams of L-Arginine per scoop will turn a lot of heads. It’s designed to work on the body’s micro transmitter sending or enhancing the signal so blood vessels may open*, thats the idea in the area of male enhancement, so a better erection can happen to men as well as muscle repair*. The site does not yet offer scientific data on this so we must be clear THIS IS WHAT THE PRODUCT IS DESIGNED TO ACCOMPLISH.

Product Details
L-Arginine Pro contains 5,000 milligrams of L-Arginine, and boasts 1,000 mg L-Citrulline


  • Manufactured in a cGMP lab, so you know the quality is top notch.
  • One of the strongest formulas we’ve seen, and they list the formula online, so there’s no need to guess what’s in there, it’s all spelled out on the website.
  • Toll Free customer Service phone number is easily available on every page.
  • Excellent Price
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Since this is a new product, there are not a lot of user comments to peruse.
  • May be too strong for certain individuals who may have to take smaller servings.

Bottom Line
Men, especially older men, looking to increase their Nitric Oxide, because it is so important to the body’s natural functions, so as you age, you may need to come up with new ways to supplement your body’s production of this viral neurotransmitter*. Whether this product does or does not do that is hard to say but we do like L-Arginine Pro's 90 Day Money Back Guarantee and the fact that they are reachable 24/7.

Editor's Top Choice
Irexis is simply the finest formulation that we've seen available anywhere. The product is manufactured in an FDA certified laboratory under the strictest conditions. There is a full, no messing around 90 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can make this purchase with no risk.
†Alan F. Brunner is the pen name that has been answering and lecturing on the subject of natural supplements, specifically male enhancement since 2004. He is a sought after expert in the male enhancement field and has answered thousands of emailed questions on the subject. Alan is compensated by Healthmax and can be reached regarding products at
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