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Product Overview

This product has many of the same ingredients as our number one choice so even at $54.95 for a monthly subscription it's heads and shoulders above the other products in the category.  It is presently undergoing a re-branding so it may not be available for a while but when it comes back look for it. Even though they charge over $50 a bottle, the product contains some essential ingredients we like. 

Product Details
The Enhancerx site does not provide a product label although they do list ingredients and provide an explanation, which many sites do not. They also put their money where their mouth is and offer a money back guarantee.

It’s a reputable company, the issue now is do they have the product to fill orders? Stand by.


  • I have spoken directly with the owners and they do try hard to provide a good product
  • It’s priced appropriately for a product with quality natural ingredients


  • The company is currently rebranding the product so it will be hard to get for right now.
  • The product may take a bit longer to notice results.

Bottom Line
The site is definitely pleasing and you can tell some work went into it. That again is yards above most other sites. What we also like is that they have quality products and don’t want to shake you off on some $39.99 product which will do nothing but grab 40 dollars out of your pocket. As we said it may not be our number one product but we can honestly say that the makers of this product try their best to make a product that works.

Editor's Top Choice
Irexis is simply the finest formulation that we've seen available anywhere. The product is manufactured in an FDA certified laboratory under the strictest conditions. There is a full, no messing around 90 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can make this purchase with no risk.
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