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The aging penis size and appearance:
Age & body type; what affects it and how it can affect you.

There is no doubt that as men age, certain things begin happening to their bodies. It may take more to lift those weights, it may take more to run the same distance at a certain speed, and it even may take more to arouse a man and keep him aroused.

But there’s more… the actual size of (not appearance) a man’s penis will also decrease, unless some action is taken. Even if some action is taken it may only diminish the “shrinkage” so to speak, or the appearance of shrinkage. That’s actually good news. While age does affect this sexual organ, there are things to do. But let’s first take a look at what those effects are.

The look of your penis:
The glans or the “knob” of your penis loses its color, which at its height is a deep purple (hence the name of the band) it will somewhat fade, because there is a slowdown of blood circulating to the penis which gives it the “rosy glow”. Another change that men experience as they age is that the amount of hair around the penis will begin to diminish as well. That’s right, you begin to lose some of your pubic hair, though very little and gradually. Both of these are results of reduced blood flow to the penis. If there was a way to increase blood flow, this issue would not be as prominent.

Penis Size - While weight gain may actually just give it a smaller look as opposed to an actual smaller member, the fat pads that develop around the penis as you age do in fact make the penis LOOK smaller. The clear answer to that is weight loss. But…

There is an ACTUAL shrinkage that is experienced by the penis over time. The good news this is reversible. It too has to do with blood flow to the penis. There is a reduction (sometimes noticeable sometimes very feint) in both the length and thickness of the penis due to plaques and fatty substances which may inhibit blood flow to the penis. It is therefore less full and will in fact lead to a shorter, less thick, erect penis. So if a man’s penis is 6.5 inches when he is in his 30’s it may actually shrink a half inch or so (perhaps more) in length and maybe 10 percent in thickness or girth, with less blood flow. There may be some surgeries or pills that can be taken to either release some of the plaque buildup or at the very least increase blood flow to the penis itself. So take comfort knowing that there are things that can be done or products that can be taken to either alleviate or reverse this particular issue in many cases.

Curvature - The condition is called Peyronie’s disease. This is scar tissue that accumulates in the penis curving it to one side or the other. Typically, there are no pills to help this condition that often arrives in middle age. Surgery may sometimes correct it but it is not a guarantee.

Sensitivity: It takes a feeling to get it reeling. As time goes on the penis becomes less sensitive. The more feeling, the more chance of greater blood flow, and the bigger the rock! Sensitivity also affects the ability to enjoy sex.

The overall news is there are some things you cannot control, but the better news is there are many issues that you can control when it comes to aging and your penis.

Do what you can and enjoy!!!

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