Summer is wedding season and you know what that means…honeymoons, and lots of sex. According to a new study, the LELO Global Sex Survey, intimacy is in, and kinky is out. That doesn’t mean that adventurous sex is dead.  The LELO Global Sex Survey is officially open until the end of 2014, by which time they expect to gather results from over two hundred thousand people from thirty or more countries. According to the survey results so far these are the sex trends emerging so far in 2014:


NAUGHTY MOVIE:  A massive 52 percent of survey respondents have made a naughty movie this year, compared with 28 percent in 2012.


SEX IN PUBLIC:  Respondents aren’t shy, 35 percent have had sex in public as compared with 27 percent of respondents in 2012.


FANTASY IS BUST. While having a threesome increased from 10% to 20%, and having sex with a stranger increased from 36% to 43%, according to the survey, 80 percent of women who replied said that the actuality of their sexual fantasies didn't quite live up to their expectations.


TAMER SEX:  The vibrator is making a comeback! More couples are conveying that they want to ditch the BDSM stuff, handcuffs, blindfolds and whips etc., and instead are choosing tamer sex toys like a vibrator. 72% of sex toy owners use them with their partners. Sales of couples’ massagers increased by 82% while sales of whips and handcuffs were flat in 2013.


SHARED SATISFACTION:  couples are sharing more satisfaction by bringing sex toys into the bedroom.  According to survey results, 76% of women want their partner to use a sex toy on them, while 89% of men stated they would be happy to use a sex toy with their partner. A resounding 68% of couples claim to climax during intercourse while using a sex toy.


Enjoy wedding season and turn up the heat with love.  Editor’s tip:  Try using a natural male enhancement pill to boost libido and intensify your sexual activity.