Men are never taught how to attract women and quite a few remain ignorant about this all their lives. This can mean missing out on many opportunities and an equal number of available women. But it is never too late to remedy the situation and following these pointers can help you make up for lost time. There are many things that make a man appear attractive to a woman besides a physical or sexual attraction. These include being charitable and selfless, a display of strength, sufficient social intelligence, savvy looks, being a ‘fun’ person, and honesty or straightforwardness.

Top of the Charts                                 

The one quality that is at the top of the list is selflessness or being charitable. Researchers say the reason for this is because women consider it an indication that the man is willing to take on more responsibilities such as bringing up a child. The definition of charitable causes is also different for men and women. While men consider signing up for a charity marathon to be altruistic, women do not think so. They look for more substantial activities like mentoring disruptive children, imparting vocational training to the mentally disabled, or volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Knowing What to Say

The right words, at the right time, are absolutely necessary if you want to floor a woman. Flirting, teasing, complimenting, all need to be within that fine line. One wrong word and a woman can switch you off instantly. Nothing that you say later on can change things, so choose your words carefully always. Do not be insincere or make promises that you cannot keep.

The language that you use must be refined and polished and never crude or insensitive. Put on a confident face and choose the right topics when making conversation. For instance, talking about your job or the weather is not the right way to attract a woman. Speak about hobbies and interests or other similar things that have a feel good factor.

Another thing you must remember while increasing your appeal is to focus on the physical aspect as well. A man who can provide his partner with a satisfying and exciting sexual experience is always attractive to her. By taking a male enhancement pill made out of natural ingredients like Catuaba Bark, Oyster Extract, and Ginseng blend, you can be prepared for the physical side of sexual attraction.