Maintaining a strong emotional connection with your partner is essential if you want your romantic relationship to stand the test of time. Here are a few tips that can help your relationship to thrive:

1. Listen. When your partner is venting or sharing thoughts about any topic, be attentive to their concerns. Really try to understand what they are expressing and show compassion.

2. Do activities she loves. When you both like similar activities, take advantage of the mutual interest and do them together, it can really enhance your relationship. Even if her choice of pastimes’ is not your absolute favorite, go ahead and join in, she will appreciate your willingness to share what’s important to her.

3. Appreciate her side of an argument. All relationships have moments when as partners you disagree. It’s a person’s nature to believe you are on the right side of them. Nevertheless, instead of merely trying to drive home your point, make the effort to truly understand her perspective. While you don’t necessarily have to agree, she will appreciate you showing respect for her position.

4. Show your love in a meaningful way. You might feel most loved when your partner says “I Love You”, on the other hand, she may not feel the same way. Everyone likes to hear those three important words but what backs up the words is when you listen to her discuss her passion or when you encourage her to take on important challenges. Learn what makes her feel most loved and deliver it!

You and your girlfriend can take things even further by discussing ideas for connecting that are specific to your relationship and personalities, in fact, these conversations alone may deepen the relationship.

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