When we are very young, it is natural that being 40 seems old. This notion is further reinforced by the media which projects youth as the only stage of life worth living. The negative images associated with being over 40 cast their shadow on one’s sex life too. Thus, most people tend to think that turning 40 means an end to sex as you once knew it. However, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, studies indicate that a majority of people find sex in their 40s to be more enjoyable than it was during their youth.

Myth:  Lost Interest in Sex

There is no strict definition about what constitutes a need for sex. Sex at any age is good because it gets the heart pumping and this improves blood flow while transporting essential nutrients. If anything, the method of sexual gratification is likely to change with age. Thus, the sexual satisfaction of older people might be determined by the overall quality of the relationship. Surveys have found that older people who have sex regularly report that they are much happier with their sex lives than they were when younger.

Myth: Sex Drive Decreases with Age

This is definitely not true. One reason is older people have fewer worries with regard to careers or families. This is because children would have grown older and potentially more independent while by middle aged men are likely to be at a fantastic place in their work life. This can free up couples to enjoy an active and stress free sex life which might not have been possible at a younger age and have them wanting more.

Myth: Old Turn Ons, Fail to do the Trick

This is more likely because you are bored with the same things rather than anything to do with age. Also, our tastes tend to change with time and something you liked a decade ago, may have lost its appeal over the years. The solution is to simply find new turn ons and shake up things a bit in the bedroom perhaps, with the help of some new techniques.

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