There are cultures around the globe that have been solving sex problems for hundreds, if not thousands, of years with natural herbs that restore sex drive.  The Amazon rain forest contains sex-enhancing plants with a long history of safe use. Catuaba and Muira Puama are considered effective sex enhancers. These two common trees grow widely from Peru to Brazil. Both have been used extensively by natives and non-natives for centuries, to increase libido and improve sexual potency.


Muira Puama, also known as "potency wood," is a small tree native to the Brazilian Amazon and other parts of the Amazon rainforest. The small, white flowers have a pungent fragrance similar to jasmine's. It’s main actions have been known to increase libido, promote sexual function, and reduce fatigue.


Catuaba  (erythroxylum catuaba and trichilia catigua) is also a tree native to the Brazilian forests. Brazilians prefer these two species, but there are other varieties. Potions formulated with the bark are used in traditional herbal medicines as an aphrodisiac and stimulant for the central nervous system, largely for treating erectile disorders as well as those for the central nervous system. It is commonly used in combination with Muira Puama for its combined and potent aphrodisiac properties, which give the user an erotic boost. Research involving animal subjects has shown that Catuaba Bark may enhance erectile function by expanding blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow to the penis. Catuaba bark has been used by many men across the world to rejuvenate their libido and desires and is not associated with adverse health effects.


Another herbal wonder is Maca.  Maca thrives in the harsh climate and conditions of the Andes mountain range of South America, growing at an elevation of 3500 to 4500m above sea level. Among its known benefits:

Maca works on improving sexual desire in both men and women. It has been known to increase energy, strength, and stamina making it a powerful element for improving performance. Maca is an adaptogen, which means it helps the body manage stress and fatigue and therefore can assist men with a low sex drive due to stress.In addition, Maca has been shown to increase the quality and quantity of sperm without adjusting hormone levels in the blood.


Throughout history, people have sought to increase libido and improve sexual function through the use of reputed aphrodisiac plants. Catuaba and Muira Puama, two common trees growing widely across the Amazon River basin, as well as Maca, have enjoyed centuries of safe, effective use as aphrodisiacs.


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