How do you bring up to a dating partner that you are having problems performing in bed? It is stressful to even contemplate bringing up the conversation, however, if your date is not going to be sensitive to your issue, do you really want to continue dating that person?


Erectile problems for men may come and go, so you must keep sight of the bigger picture. Don’t obsess over having an erection, because that will only make you more anxious. If you have trouble achieving or sustaining an erection with a date, assure her that you are attracted to her, that you do want this to happen and your problem is not a reflection upon her.


One certified sex therapist reports that among her patients, 90% improve when they take the focus off their erection and put it on pleasuring their partner. Couples need to remember to explore all their partners’ erogenous zones, including the ears, neck, under the arms, and the nipples. Ask your partner what he/she likes, you shouldn’t be expected to be a mind reader.


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The good news for men suffering from erectile problems is that its never before been so openly discussed in our society.  Ads for Viagra and Cialis have opened the door for comedy and discussion! Even still, ironically, it’s still very difficult for many couples to talk about sex, and especially regarding erection problems. It may help to know that for most couples, talking about erection hitches is the first step toward remedying them -- and enjoying more satisfying sex.  Consider saying something like this: ‘This is a bit embarrassing, but I seem to be having some complications in the erection department’.


There are two things that are important to do when erectile problems surface:

  1. Talk about the problem

  2. Use a natural male enhancement supplement


    It is very important to get the problem out into the open because avoiding sex for fear of not getting an erection may cause your date to think you no longer find them attractive. Feelings get hurt, and resentment creeps in. Reassuring your date she is still attractive to you gives you a chance to discuss intimacy and enables you as a couple to explore other ways of pleasuring each other. Once you and your date feel more intimate on an emotional level, you may find that your libido and your erections perk up.


    Occasional erectile problems do not mean you have ED, stress, pressure from work, nervousness and lack of confidence may all contribute to the occasional erection issue. If your problems are not related to disease or medication, a natural male enhancer may be the solution to your difficulty.  A natural enhancer is designed to encourage better blood flow, support testosterone production and boost sexual desire.  In addition, taking a natural enhancement pill will help to give you the confidence to perform. Better, stronger and longer erections are just around the corner.