A walking stick is something that the old and infirm use for support. I am neither of these, but there was a time in my life when I needed a walking stick – not a literal walking stick but a support to be able to physically function properly. Some years ago, I had a serious illness and while I recovered eventually, I felt weak and listless. This affected my libido or sex drive. After a few tests were done it was discovered that my testosterone levels were low. Testosterone is the hormone that controls male sex drive and fertility, among other things. My doctor informed me that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can correct the condition. But since hormone therapies can cause side effects like headaches, feeling nauseous, and so on we discussed trying to boost testosterone naturally first.

He told me to start taking a natural supplement that contained Tongkat Ali – the extract of a jungle tree found in South East Asia that promotes natural testosterone production.

Soon after I started taking the supplement, I noticed that my vitality was returning, I felt better overall and that my sex drive was soon back to normal. In fact, it was stronger than before – a fact which my girlfriend loved. What does this have to do with a walking stick? Well, Tongkat Ali is Malaysian for “Ali’s Walking Stick.” Thanks to Tongkat Ali I don’t need a real walking stick – I’m strong in and out of bed.