Most men are looking to have a girlfriend and keep her happy. We aren’t saying you “just don’t get it”, but sadly, many men “just don’t get it”! A woman wants a man to show her affection because it shows her that you care about her. Telling her she's beautiful and always making eye contact is a start.  Complimenting her accomplishments will go a long way. Treating her right is not negotiable. But what else would a woman want a guy to know? Here are some easy tips to make your partner happy and feeling amorous.

  1. Hottest Thing to Say in Bed: “You make me feel wonderful."

  2. Best Position for Increased Contact: Doggy-style position.

  3. A New Erogenous Zone: The base of her spine is Sensation Central.

  4. A Sign of Flattery: Ignoring your cell phones while you are together.

  5. How to Spice Up Your Sex Life: Stimulate dopamine in her brain, which can trigger the sex drive.  Rock-climbing or extreme sports that add a manageable touch of danger is just the ticket!

  6. Heighten Arousal: Some suggest peppermint schnapps creates a cool sensation and heightens arousal can’t hurt to try.

  7. Try Something New In Bed: Check out some tips in a sexy magazine and ask your partner, "Did you ever think of doing that?

  8. Turn On – Turn Off:  Avoiding her turn-offs is as important as knowing what turns her on.

  9. Stay On Track: A woman, in contrast to a man, can lose an orgasm even as it's happening, so when you have her aroused keep doing exactly what you're doing.

  10. Lasting Longer In Bed: Here are two suggestions for this essential tip – A, The stop-start technique. This means fooling around until your point of no return is (when ejaculation is almost inevitable) and stopping before you reach it. The helps you develop a better sense of your body’s arousal levels. B, take a daily male enhancement pill. A natural herbal sex pill contains potent ingredients known to promote male sexual enhancement, desire and function. These pills have been shown to boost libido, improve sexual performance, and increase both stamina and pleasure during sexual activity so you can last longer in bed.